Hello AARNIPP Members and Contacts,
        Welcome back.  Hoping each of you has had a wonderful summer.  With summer break behind us, we have now had some time to organize the Executive schedule.  
        As you all know, we cancelled our AGM and Education Day in June due to lack of attendance.  We would like to hold a virtual AGM on either October 14 or 16 and would appreciate your feedback as to which date would work best for you.  We will then select the date with the majority of attendance.  Saturday, October 14 will be in the morning and Monday, October 16 will be in the evening, exact time TBD.  Your preference is requested via email by Wednesday, September 13.  The Education Day is being postponed until 2018. 
Each of the AARNIPP Chapters, Calgary and Edmonton, holds 4 meetings each Membership Year, May 1 to April 30, from September to May with the exception of December and June. In addition, there is also the Education Day which is typically held in June.
This year, the first Calgary Chapter Meeting date will be Monday, October 23 and the first Edmonton Chapter Meeting date will be Monday, September 18.  Subsequent dates will follow for the following months:
Calgary – January, March and May;
Edmonton – November, February and April.
        Richard Drew will be continuing on as the Edmonton Chapter Chair for this year.  Richard had assumed the role of Acting Executive Secretary and Treasurer last year.  These positions are up for nomination this year.
       MaryFrances Barbisan is stepping down as the Calgary Chapter Chair and Richard Drew will be posting nomination for MaryFrances in the role of President.  MaryFrances has done an outstanding job serving AARNIPP as the Calgary Chapter Chair for the past three years and the Acting President for the last year.
       AARNIPP is seeking an individual to step up to the role of Calgary Chapter Chair, or several individuals to assume the role as Co-Chairs.  As a hypothetical, if 4 members were to Chair one Calgary meeting each for the Membership Year, this would be effective.  AARNIPP would provide guidance as to the organization and formal processes of the meetings.  Please let us know of your interest in this role at or prior to the virtual AGM date we select.
       We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to your support in the continued success of AARNIPP.
Maria Drew
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Alberta Association of Registered Nurses in Private Practice
Welcome Back