CARNA updates 2019

Are you considering self-employed RN and NP practice?

We believe self-employed registered nurses and nurse practitioners provide a health service that contributes to the health of Albertans. RNs or NPs who engage in nursing practice by themselves, in partnership with other practitioners, or by employing others are considered to be self-employed.

Self-employed nurses apply nursing knowledge, skill and judgement in a variety of settings and areas including clinical practice, administration, education, research and consultation. Nurses may take on various roles such as clinician, professional, communicator, collaborator, coordinator, leader, advocate, educator and scholar. Examples of self-employed RN roles include:

  • direct care: foot care, occupational health nursing, nursing aesthetics
  • counselling: mental health, chronic disease management
  • consultant: health-system navigator, nursing informatics, infection prevention and control
  • research and education: nursing theory and practice

Opportunities and risks

Being engaged in self-employed RN or NP practice brings certain opportunities and inherent risks.

It is important to:

Identify Risks

>What could go wrong?

Analyze Risks

What is the likelihood of something going wrong?
What harm could be caused if something does go wrong?
How often can something go wrong?

Mitigate Risks

What changes can be made to prevent this?
How can consequences be mitigated from the outset?
What will help reduce the effects or consequences?

Before starting a self-employed RN or NP practice:

  • You must hold an active practice permit without conditions or restrictions with CARNA. Members holding an active practice permit and engaged in self-employed RN or NP practice can use these protected titles, count practice hours, and have CNPS professional liability protection.
  • Determine if what you are proposing to do is RN or NP practice based on the definition of Schedule 24 of the Health Professions Act (HPA), Registered Nurses Profession Regulation, and scope of practice by using the self-assessment checklist: Am I practicing as an RN or NP?
  • Identify and analyze potential risks for self-employed practice and review available resources that may help you mitigate these risks by completing the self-assessment checklist for self-employed RN or NP practice.

If you have any questions please contact CARNA at or call 780.451.0043 or toll free at 1.800.252.9392 and ask to speak to an RN Consultant or a Policy and Practice Consultant.