The Alberta Association of Registered Nurses in Private Practice (AARNIPP) is a specialty practice group for registered nurses who offer specialized services within a private practice.

Specialized Services Include:

  • direct care
  • research
  • administration
  • advocacy
  • education
  • consultation
  • health promotion

The private practice nurse is financially responsible for his/her practice and may be paid by public or private funding sources.

AARNIPP is a recognized Specialty Practice Group of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA).

Vision / Mission

AARNIPP facilitates educational opportunities and collegial support for private practice nurses that promote and sustain professional nursing practices.

Goal / Objectives

To establish a supportive network for RNs in private practice.
To act as a resource to nurses interested in establishing a private practice.
To provide educational opportunities for private practice nurses.
To participate in the policy-making process regarding the health care system.
Promote professional nursing practice.
Increase public awareness regarding the role of nurses in the private practice.
Raise the profile of private nursing practice within CARNA and the nursing community.
Promote research and funding for innovative private nursing practice and services.

Members & Chapters

AARNIPP has many members throughout Alberta. Active Chapters are located in Calgary and Edmonton. Virtual attendance is available for Chapter Meetings from anywhere in Alberta.

Executive Members

President: MaryFrances Barbisan

Vice President: Vacant

Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Drew

Director-At-Large: Cindy Bleyenberg-McCrea

Director-At-Large: Debbie Franchuk

Director-At-Large: Kathy Bugo

Executive Assistant: Samantha Tait

Communications and Marketing Coordinator: Maria Drew

Chapters are located in Calgary and Edmonton

Calgary Chapter Chair: Shawna Curry

Calgary Secretary/ Treasurer: Vacant

Edmonton Chapter Chair: Richard Drew

Edmonton Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant