Due to COVID-19 Pandemic and also the changes to CARNA in 2021 (Now CRNA) we have not been able to sustain AARNIPP at this time.

From a lack of interest in applications for the Executive Team positions to be filled in 2021, no longer being an association as listed under previous ‘CARNA’s’ website, and the majority of current Executive team members retiring or having to focus on personal matters, AARNIPP has therefore taken a long pause to try and refocus.

Please email us at info@privatepracticenurses.ca for more information and/or if you’d like to consider being a part of the Executive team and help AARNIPP continue to reach Alberta Private Practice Nurses for years to come!

You will not be able to complete the membership sign-up as this is paused for the time being. We will update by summer 2022 as to which direction AARNIPP will be heading.

Active Membership

Active membership is available to registered nurses holding current CARNA registration and engaged in or establishing a private nursing practice.

Active members may:

  • Vote
  • Hold office
  • Represent AARNIPP as elected or appointed by the Provincial Executive
  • Receive AARNIPP publications and communications
  • Be a part of the active private Facebook AARNIPP community
Membership Benefits

Meet and share with other Nurses who are in private practice. Our members are visionary and committed to diversification of nursing practice.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Continuing education
  • Business promotion
  • Resources
  • Networking
  • Collegial support


The future holds countless opportunities for Registered Nurses to provide leadership and set the standard for nursing services to the community.

Apply to become a member of AARNIPP today to access all the benefits!

Membership Fees

The AARNIPP membership year is May 1 – April 30 (yearly renewal)
Annual membership fees are:

Active Membership: $75.00

Associate Member/Retired RN: $35

If you would like to become a member please continue to our (link) Registration Page

Registration is now open and is annual